These rules apply to all USCF rated events organized by USA CHESS TOUR. For FIDE
Rated events, Please see the regulations listed in the FIDE Laws of Chess regarding
the rules, regulations and prohibition of electronic devices. Please note that the
organizers take these rules very seriously and any suspicion of a violation brought
to our attention will be investigated. While these rules may seem strict, such
measures are necessary for the preservation of the integrity of our sport.
As a general rule of thumb, players are strongly encouraged to leave devices
outside of the playing hall if at all possible in order to avoid the mere
appearance of impropriety. If this is not possible, devices must be completely
turned off and may be stored in a bag under the table.

(1) Players whose games are in progress are strictly prohibited from access to any
electronic devices for the duration of the game without the tournament director’s
express knowledge and consent. If a player must make or receive a phone call, text
message, or email during the duration of their game, they must request permission
from the tournament director prior to such communication and submit to making
the call in the presence of the tournament director if asked to do so. Failing to
comply with this rule is considered a severe violation of these rules and will result
in a forfeit or maximum time penalty allotted by the rules at the Tournament
Director’s discretion.

(2) Any player found to have taken an electronic device (including but not limited to
a laptop, tablet or cell phone) into the bathroom during their game will either be
forfeited or will receive the maximum time penalty allowable under the USCF Rules
at the Tournament Director’s discretion.

(3) Music players and headphones are strictly prohibited from the playing hall to
ensure a quiet playing environment for all players as well as to avoid the mere
appearance of impropriety. A player who violates this rule will be issued a single
warning without penalty. Subsequent violations will be treated as a violation of the
above-stated rules regarding electronic devices generally and penalized accordingly.
This prohibition also extends to spectators (players whose games have finished are
deemed spectators for the purpose of this rule) and any spectator who is found to
have a music player or headphones on their person will be asked to leave the
playing hall immediately or completely turn off their device and store it accordingly.

(4) Electronic score sheets (e.g. “Mon Roi” or “Plycounter”) are generally allowed
under these rules provided that (a) they are permitted by the USCF and (b) at no
time does the position on the electronic score sheet materially differ from the
position on the board, but for failure to notate when such non-action would also be
permissible under the USCF rules governing notation. If it is found that a player has
analyzed a position on an electronic score sheet, or if the position on their score
sheet differs significantly from the position on their board, they may be found in
violation of Rule 20D, which is considered a serious violation and may be penalized
with immediate loss of the game at the Tournament Director’s discretion.

(5) Any player suspected of violating these rules may be asked to submit to a search
of their person for electronic devices. Upon a reasonable request by a Tournament
Director, a player’s refusal to cooperate with a search may be punishable under
these rules as a violation subject to the discretion of the Chief Tournament Director.
In addition, such refusal may be reported to the USCF and considered a violation of
the anti-cheating rules promulgated by USA Chess Tour and the USCF thereby
subjecting the player to further penalties such as being barred from future events or
having their USCF membership suspended or revoked.

(6) The Tournament Director retains broad discretion in the application of penalties
under these rules. When considering the application of a penalty for any violation of
these rules, the tournament director will take into consideration the nature of the
offense including the intent of the player in question, as well as the totality of the
circumstances including but not limited to the number of moves having been made
in the game and the nature of the position at the time of the offense.

(6)(a) Where it is found that a player violated these rules through mere negligence
and without the intention to cheat, the penalty under these rules may be the loss of
10 minutes or 50% of the time remaining on the player’s clock, whichever is less.

(6)(b) If it is found that the player acted with the intention to cheat with the aid of
an electronic device, or with the assistance of another player or spectator, the player
will be forfeited, withdrawn from the tournament, barred from future USA Chess
Tour events and subsequently reported to the USCF for further penalties at the
discretion of the USCF committee that oversees such violations.


For players winning prize money of $600 or over, and for non-resident aliens winning prize money of any amount

FOR PRIZES OF $600 OR MORE FOR THE CALENDAR YEAR:Please bring your US Social Security card to all
tournaments with prizes possibly this large. If you have no US social security number, the organizer must
withhold and send to the IRS 30% of your prize. Prize checks will be written only to the winners, not to
third parties.

FOR ALL PRIZES, IF YOU ARE A NON-RESIDENT ALIEN (no US Social Security number), the organizer must withhold and send to the IRS 30% of your prize. A tax ID number is not sufficient.

IF 30% OF YOUR PRIZE IS WITHHELD AND SUBMITTED TO THE IRS, you will receive a 1042 form in the following calendar year, no later than March. You may use this form to submit a tax return to the IRS, claim expenses, and attempt to recover some or all of the withheld tax.

WE ARE NOW DEDUCTING ENTRY FEE from prize and reporting the net total, however no tournament counts as negative income, so if you win nothing, no fee is deducted, and if you win less than the entry fee, the prize is not reported.


If you received a total of $600 or more in one calendar year for prizes in tournaments organized by USA
CHESS TOUR, we are required to report your winnings, address, and social security number to the
Internal Revenue Service.

Refund policy:

1. $20 fee will apply for any refund of a single entry fee 10 days prior the
tournament. You can also transfer your payment to any of our upcoming
tournaments free of charge;

2. No any refunds 10 days or less before the chess event;

3. We do not provide any refunds for all special deals which include more than
one entry fee for any chess tournaments;